Wombat Rescue

Rescuing Wombats between dusk and dawn, finding and helping injured wombats, hit by cars or shot by farmers.

Coordinating mange treatment of a wombat population in a reserve &

Educating members of the public on rescue and mange.

Who are we

Founder and President of Wombat Rescue NSW/ACT Inc  (~ Wombat Rescue), Yolandi, emigrated to Australia in 2013 and fell in love with wombats.

Wombat Rescue was born after she started doing rescue drives on rural roads to find injured, shot or orphaned wombats that needed help.

We are now a small passionate team dedicated to the mission of Wombat Rescue.

Our mission

Our mission is to protect, support and rescue wombats through education, advocacy, and in-field services.

What we do

The focus of Wombat Rescue is to provide road rescue to wombats in need; facilitate and implement population size mange treatment programs on public and private land; provide practical advice and tools to landowners to successfully cohabitate with wombats as well as to provide training courses and education and awareness activities to shine a light on the plight of wombats.