About us

Wombat rescue founder Yolandi Vermaak with wombat Dezi, at her home in Nicholls, says flooding has led to an almost record high wombat rescues in the ACT and surrounds, Thursday, 24th of September, 2020. Picture: Dion Georgopoulos - THE CANBERRA TIMES, ACM

Founder and President of Wombat Rescue NSW/ACT Inc  (~ Wombat Rescue), Yolandi, emigrated to Australia in 2013 and fell in love with wombats.

Wombat Rescue was born after she started doing rescue drives on rural roads to find injured, shot or orphaned wombats that needed help.

We are now a small passionate team dedicated to the mission of Wombat Rescue.

The focus for Wombat Rescue is to provide road rescue to wombats in need; facilitate and implement population size mange treatment programs on public and private land; provide practical advice and tools to landowners to successfully co-habitate with wombats as well as to provide training courses and education and awareness activities to shine a light on the plight of wombats.

Our mission is to protect, support and rescue wombats through education, advocacy and in-field services

 The work is sometimes gruelling with late nights, early mornings, rough terrain,   searching for hours for a sick wombat to no avail, spending hours on the road, and   not  having time to have a warm dinner or long vacation.

 That’s the life of a rescuer and wildlife carer.

 But it also brings a deep sense of accomplishment, fulfillment and peace when you       help an animal.

  Without our help and a change in how we live amongst them, the Bare-nosed wombat as a species will be in trouble soon. Their numbers are dwindling and only having a joey every two years is not sustainable.

This is why we are here and the focus for Wombat Rescue. To save the species and raise awareness of their plight.



The Dream… Maybe one day we will be able to afford a piece of land where we can build a sanctuary for the wombats we rescue and others that desperately need to come into care but have nowhere to go….especially the adults that no-one wants or can take on.

I would give anything to do this full-time. Having only  evenings, nights and weekends available means there are wombats that don’t get the urgent help they need. This is where the greatest need lies….not enough sanctuaries to look after these precious animals. I want to save them all, and although I can’t, perhaps I can save a few..

Year in review - some of the wombats helped in 2021