About Us

Wombat Support and Rescue NSW/ACT (¬ Wombat Rescue) is the only wildlife group in the Capital Region that focuses solely on the conservation, treatment, rehabilitation, education and awareness of the bare-nosed wombat.

We are licensed to capture, rehabilitate and release wombats in the ACT and work closely with partners such as the ACT Government, other wildlife life groups and the public.

Who are we

Welcome to Wombat Rescue, where wombats take centre stage in our mission to save the species.🌱

We’re not your typical wildlife organisation. Our passion revolves around the bare-nosed wombat, and we’re on a mission to safeguarding these marvellous creatures from slipping onto the threatened species list.

Our dedicated team of volunteers work across the ACT region, tirelessly combating wombat mange, whether for individuals or entire populations. We’re not just about healing wounds; but also about spreading knowledge far and wide. Through workshops, public education, and engaging with policymakers and the media, we’re raising awareness about wombats and their plight.

At the core of everything we do is our unwavering commitment to the well-being of wombats, always ensuring what we do is in the best interest of the wombat.

Looking ahead, we’re dreaming big. Our goal is to create a world where everyone knows what wombats are up against, understands the challenges of mange, and knows how to lend a helping hand. We aim to collaborate with governments and urban developers, ensuring that wombats are considered in city planning for the first time in history. Together, we’re forging a path to save these incredible creatures, because working together is the only way forward. Join us on this journey! 🌏💚

Our mission

To protect, support and rescue wombats through education, advocacy and in-field services.

Our Beginnings

In 2018, Wombat Rescue was founded by Yolandi Vermaak. Starting with documenting rescue efforts along rural roads, her actions gained the support of followers and locals, leading to the growth of a volunteer-powered organisation.

Originally from South Africa, Yolandi moved to Australia in 2013, where she immersed herself in the unique Australian wildlife. Wombats, in particular, captured her heart, changing the course of her life.

Yolandi’s commitment to wombats has been a journey marked by sacrifice, determination, and resilience. She has saved numerous wombats, but also faced heartbreaking losses. Through her tireless efforts, she shaped the organisation with values rooted in volunteerism, integrity, and a devoted focus on wombat welfare.

Our Journey

In 2018, Wombat Rescue began with only one volunteer, and since then, it has grown consistently, drawing in many passionate and committed individuals. 

From those who joined our ranks, we formed a committee that drives strategic behind-the-scenes work, and frontline volunteers dedicating their time to wombats.

These volunteers play crucial roles in rescuing wombats, providing mange treatment in the field, and providing rehabilitation and care.

Our noteworthy accomplishments, which include saving hundreds of wombats each year from road accidents and mange, stand as a testament to the steadfast commitment of our volunteers. 

Without their dedication and commitment, these achievements would not have been possible.

What Sets Us Apart

Our team thrives on a culture that’s unparalleled. Toxic behaviour has no place here. We’re a high-performing, tight-knit unit that achieves remarkable results through collaboration, mutual respect, and, above all, a shared commitment to our beloved wombats.

Rather than pointing fingers and criticising, we’ve cultivated strong bonds and partnerships. We’ve fostered invaluable relationships with politicians, educating and collaborating with them to further our cause. We’ve also stepped into the realm of developers, aiming to build bridges, promote mutual understanding, and offer our expertise. Our goal is simple: to facilitate constructive dialogues and provide education, guidance, and solutions that benefit all parties involved, most of all our wombats.

The Dream… Maybe one day we can afford a piece of land where we can build a sanctuary for the wombats we rescue and others that desperately need to come into care but have nowhere to go….especially the adults that no-one wants or can take on. This is why we started the Sanctuary Fund. This piece of land will hopefully one day be home to wombats like Edward Teddy who needs a safe environment with his disability. And many others like him.

To support our Sanctuary Fund, look at the How to get involved page.

Year in review - some of the wombats helped in 2021

Check our Youtube video to see some of the wombats helped in 2021