How to help

If you are interested in helping us save our bare-nosed wombats, there are a few options.

I do two things for wombats: rescue drives and treating wombats with mange. The area where I need most assistance is with mange treatment. I can’t do this on my own, I need people who care to become involved. It takes a village…. 🙂

So the things you can do:

  1. Become a volunteer
    1. If you want to join us (frequency is up to you), please send you email to and I will add you to the volunteer mailing list
    2. We meet every Sunday at 8am 15 minutes south of Googong
    3. We service around 150 burrow flaps by making sure they are in working order and putting medicine in each for the wombat occupant
  1. Donate things we use on a regular basis, such as…
  1. AA batteries (used in the wildlife cameras and I use a lot of them)
  2. 25ml syringes
  3. Bottled water (I provide this for the volunteers every week)
  1. Donate funds towards the buying of Cydectin. (

I have an account with Specialist Sales who provides the Cydectin for us. We use 2.5l per week

  1. You can pay any amount you wish directly into the sales account
  2. This will enable me to buy the medicine once there are enough funds available

IMPORTANT: as reference, please use Yolandi Vermaak, (to allocate to the correct account).

Please make your payment to:
Specialist Sales P/L
Westpac Bank
BSB: 034 221
ACC: 278 300


Thank you again to each and every person who is helping us in doing this important work. The bare-nosed wombat is becoming increasingly vulnerable and I do not want to see them become endangered and extinct. But we have to act now.