Mange Treatment Project

In May 2018 a member of the public noticed a few very manged wombats.

Knowing how difficult field treatment is, I assessed the environment to see whether treatment could be an option for these wombats.  A lot of stress factors were present such as low food sources due to the extreme drought, proximity of humans as it’s open to the public, and foxes in the area.

The good thing I noticed was that this area is fairly remote and the wombats are contained in clusters staying in this area.  They live in warrens close to the creeks and graze on the grass nearby. Surrounding them is forest like bushland so my hope is that they will stay contained in this area.

So the process began. First hurdle was to get permission to treat the animals from the landowners which is a mix between NSW and ACT Government which made asking permission quite complicated. But that was achieved…eventually.

I obtained some frames and ice cream lids and started building burrow flaps. My intention was to start putting these flaps in active burrows as I found them and to document the process all the way.

But talking about this on social media alerted the local community in Googong to what I was up to. And the offers of help started streaming in. I now have a team of volunteers that assist when they are available and they all share my passion for wombats and concern for their well-being.

We meet every Sunday and service the burrow flaps, put new medicine in and document what has happened during the week. When resources permit, we add more burrow flaps and is slowly expanding the treatment area.

This will be a long process. It is not a quick fix or short term solution but I am positive that we are already making an impact to these animals. Slowly but surely they are getting the life saving treatment they need and will hopefully recover from this.

Wombat Rescue