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As with most things I do, I would like to break away from the norm. Instead of selling "normal" merchandise to raise funds for our mange treatment projects, I decided to allow the artist in me to dictate the course of this page.

Wombat Rescue will partner with various artists, local and international, to work together to produce artwork about wombats. The proceeds of the sales of these artworks will go towards our medicine fund that helps us treat ever more sick wombats.

Each artist will be celebrated and recognised for their contribution to our cause as without them, my dream of having an "art gallery" would never be realised.

I am the poet and writer in our family, the rest of my family are the painters and potters. I have always wanted to be the one to paint but never could, so I greatly admire the talent of drawing and painting. Blend this with my love and passion for wombats, and our Wombat Virtual Art Gallery was born.

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