How can you help?

There are many ways to become involved in our organisation, depending on your location and what interests you.


Support Wombats!

If volunteering isn’t feasible for you but you have the means to contribute financially, your support is invaluable. Your donations power our operations, allowing us to procure essential equipment and medicine to aid wombats in need. With your help, we can continue our mission of providing top-notch care to every wombat that crosses our path.

To make a donation, we utilise the secure PayPal platform, ensuring your support reaches us safely. Click the link below to contribute. All donations going through this portal will fund our day to day operations and help us buy mange medicine, equipment and everything else we need to continue saving many  wombats.

Additionally, we have an ongoing fundraiser on the Global Giving platform, accessible to supporters worldwide. Your contribution, no matter where you are, directly impacts our efforts.

This fundraiser holds a special place in our hearts. Our goal is to purchase a plot of land to establish a sanctuary – a secure haven where we can release wombats and provide additional care for those in need. Edward Teddy, in particular, has inspired this cause, and we want to ensure that he receives the support he requires before his release. With your help, we can make this dream a reality, not only for Edward Teddy but also for all the other wombats in need of a safe release site.


Discover the Heartbeat of Our Organisation: Our Volunteers!

Our dedicated volunteers form the very soul of our community. With unwavering commitment, our team collaborates seamlessly, fostering a cohesive environment where passion for wildlife thrives.

The range of volunteer activities is diverse, allowing you to choose tasks based on your availability and interests. Join us on Sunday mornings, where we venture into the field for essential tasks such as burrow mapping and treatment for mange. In between, our activities span from constructing enclosures to the joyful release of wombats back into their natural habitat. We also engage in delightful events like market stalls and picnics, adding a touch of fun to our conservation efforts.

Ready to make a difference? Signing up is a breeze! Just complete our registration form using the link below and become a vital part of our wildlife conservation family.

Sign Up Now!

Together, let’s create a better world for our wildlife!


Embark on a Fulfilling Journey as a Wombat Carer!

One of the most gratifying aspects of our work involves nurturing wombats through rehabilitation and eventual release back into the wild.

Becoming a wombat carer is a significant commitment that requires careful consideration. Raising a wombat from a tender age means dedicating two years from intake to release. It demands ample space to construct a spacious outdoor enclosure for the wombat as it grows. Additionally, prospective carers need to reside within the borders of the ACT.

To learn more about this rewarding opportunity, reach out to our President, Yolandi. She can provide you with in-depth insights and answer any questions you may have about becoming a carer.

While it undeniably involves hard work, being a wombat carer is an incredibly fulfilling experience, offering unmatched rewards and a chance to make a difference in the lives of these remarkable creatures.


Attention Rural Landowners,

Do you have a passion for wildlife conservation? Here’s your chance to make a significant difference. We are actively seeking dedicated rural landowners to become vital wombat release sites.

Why Your Land Matters:

The number of orphaned wombats in long-term care and sick or injured wombats in short-term care is on the rise. We are in constant search of suitable release sites where these wombats can thrive in their natural habitat. Your property could be the sanctuary they need.

How to Apply:

  1. Complete a Self-Assessment: Start by filling out our self-assessment questionnaire. This step helps us understand the potential of your property as a wombat release site.
  2. Application Evaluation: Our team will carefully evaluate your application, considering various criteria to ensure the safety and well-being of the wombats.
  3. On-Site Inspection: If your property meets the criteria, we will arrange a visit to conduct a detailed site inspection. During this visit, we’ll discuss how wombats could be released on your property and address any questions you may have.

What We Look For:

We are seeking properties that are 200 acres or larger, providing ample space for multiple wombats. Ideal sites have no recorded cases of mange, limited proximity to busy roads, and supportive neighbours who share our conservation ethos. Access to suitable food sources and a reliable water supply are also essential.

Ready to Contribute?

If you believe your property in NSW or ACT fits the bill, we encourage you to complete the questionnaire. Your contribution could provide a lifeline for wombats in need.

Apply Now

Together, let’s create safe havens where wombats can thrive. Thank you for considering this crucial role in wombat conservation. We look forward to your application!


From time to time we offer specialised and educational training courses and workshops. These range from basic wombat background to detailed and advanced wombat things, mange treatment and masterclasses on topics such as rescue and pouch checks.

If you are interested in any of these please sign up and you will be invited to come along to the next workshop