Googong – Mange Treatment Project

Googong – Mange Treatment Project

Our Story

In May 2018 a member of the public noticed a few very manged wombats and reported them to us.

An on the ground survey was conducted and we found several severely manged wombats in the area. Once permission was obtained to treat wombats on public land, a large treatment program was implemented

Following a phased approach, our team of volunteers installed and serviced over 160 burrow-flaps over the next 18 months, starting with a first transect of 38 burrows. As the project grew in size, so did our volunteer team.

A burrow-flap was installed over every active burrow per transect. In total, 9 transects and 161 burrows were treated by the end of the project. 20ml Cydectin was administered once per week in every burrow-flap and continued until every burrow recorded a total of 15 successful doses

Every week all treatment details and status of every burrow, burrow-flap and medicine was recorded by the volunteer team This was the first mange treatment project undertaken in an ACT Parks Reserve

Wombats Juliette and Golf

Googong update

Project progress

This project is currently in monitoring phase after the last treatment has been given to the last documented manged wombat in this area. Monitoring is conducted via in-field observations as well as extensive use of motion censor, nightvision wildlife cameras.

Monitoring is crucial in understanding and documenting the results of this unique treatment program, to detect any environmental or behavioural changes and to monitor whether re-infection of mange occurs. Early detection of re-infestation will enable a quick, targeted approach instead of a full-scale treatment program across the whole area.